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Welcome To The Mazito Game!

(Also, be sure to check out
"Mazito-2" and "Mazito-3")

The Mazito game is a set of URL-completion puzzles, similar in concept to those which were first introduced in the Cybertrek adventure game back in 2002, and which have subsequently been utilized in several other more recent games (such asTri-Quest and Not Pr0n ).

Some of the puzzles in the Mazito are quite easy, while others only look easy! So, be careful!!

IMPORTANT: Use only lower case letters when answering non-numerical puzzle questions. And if an answer requires two or more words, do not separate the words with spaces. (For example, Charlie Brown would be expressed as charliebrown )

And finally, you do not have to be a "webmaster" to play this game. Unlike most of the other so-called "Internet Riddles", none of the Mazito's web pages require you to view their source listings in order to find hidden clues or messages. (Any game creator who feels that he must require players to use such "hacker" methods doesn't know how to design "good" puzzles!)

(Click the swinging door to enter the Mazito)

The first ten players who made it all the way to Level 29
of the Mazito game have their names displayed here:

Name Location Date
Sam & Bethan Evans UK 2005 April 28
Ron R. Hall California, USA 2005 April 28
Guillaume Schaer Reykjavik, Iceland 2005 April 28
Sarah Huntingford Solihull, UK 2005 April 28
Alanna Caveney NZ 2005 April 28
Benjamin Lin (zeephro) -------------- 2005 April 28
Richard Bradshaw UK 2005 April 28
Sebastiano Tine -------------- 2005 April 28
Lucas Buck -------------- 2005 April 28
Mike Jewell -------------- 2005 April 28
(And thanks to Beeblebrox who helped with the Beta testing.)

"Mr. Logic" is the producer of many online puzzle games. In the Spring of 2002, he created the concept of the "Online Riddle" when he released his Cybertrek adventure game. Since then, hundreds of other game makers have implemented his "URL-completion" method in the design of their own games (e.g., "This Is Not Pr0n", etc.). If you'd like to play more of "Mr. Logic's" games, just click the following link:

Click Here to Play Some More of Mr. Logic's Riddles

Mr. Logic's IQ Question

In the following group of images, which one does not belong in the group?

Here's Another "IQ" Question:

Is Midnight Actually 12AM or 12PM?

(The Correct Answer will probably come as a surprise to you!)

Listen (Live) to Mr. Logic's
"Thinking Machine" Radio Show

Sundays, 11AM - 1PM (California Time)

[Mr. Logic (Bob Bishop) is one of the the creators of SiMPLE]

Click Here to Visit the Homepage for the "Thinking Machine"

Click Here to Read Some Commentaries by Mr. Logic

Click Here to Read Mr. Logic's
Book "The Shades of Reality"

(His book is still at least 50 years ahead of its time!)

Secret Coded Messages

(For Windows Computers Only)


Want to have fun creating your own secret coded messages?   Just download our SiMPLE encrypter/decrypter program (called "Secret") and save it onto your desktop.   (No installation
is required.)   Then drop any text file onto "Secret".   It will automatically encrypt the message contained in that file.   [The name of the file containing the encrypted message will begin with
a plus ( + ) sign.]

To decrypt  the message, just drop the file containing the encrypted message back onto "Secret".   The decrypted message will then be returned to you in a file that has the same name that the encrypted file had, but without the plus ( + ) sign.

Click Here to Download "Secret"

(Tell all your friends to download their own copy of "Secret",
and then have fun exchanging secret messages with them!)

Secret Joke #12

Instructions for Decrypting the Secret Joke:

Copy and paste the entire encrypted joke into a new text document whose name
begins with a plus sign followed by one or more letters (e.g., "+joke.txt").
Then drop that text document onto your copy of "Secret".

(Click Here to View Previous Secret Jokes)

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